About Jewel House


Welcome to jewelhouse.it.
Our company has the largest selection in the world of costume jewellery for film, theatre, opera, television and event productions.

The collection is organized by period.
When you navigate the different sections of our site you will uncover the uniqueness of our jewellery, rich in detail and historic accuracy, precious works of art handcrafted by artists.
In our virtual space you will find examples of our collection, a collection that has over 20.000 pieces from Archaic times to Modern day.
JEWEL HOUSE has also a workshops that can produce any piece for rental or sale.

A catalogue can be requested for each period. (click here to request you catalogue today)
We are opening an extraordinary door into the special world of costume, offering a new dynamic tool for designers in their work.


  • A dedicated professional advise on costume jewelleries
  • Realization of costume jewellery on custom design
  • In-house consultant to help you with your production/event project